Shab e Barat celebrate for having heaven from god

Shab e Barat celebrate

The Shab e Barat is a celebration in Muslims life what are the mention about the opening part of holy Ramadan month. Before 15 Ramadan, Muslim have celebrated this night. But the night is count according to the time of the moon. There is no significant reason to celebrate the night. But according to the speech of Hazrat Muhammad (sm), Allah comes to the close to the sky. And he provides to human that, forgive, food, health, and other things.


Celebrating Shab e Barat is important to get haven

There are no one who does not want to get haven. Those Muslim people who want to get haven, Shab e Barat night is a great opportunity to him. Because of this night Allah comes to human place and ask Muslims that who need food, health, help, of forgive. The great soul Allah must provide all those things what Muslim want at this night on their prayer.

Shab e Barat celebrate

In fact, Allah will forgive all of the minor sins of any person if he wants to forgive on his prayer to god. Each day life we have done a lot of mistakes, unfortunately. And it is impossible to remember all those minor faults. But Allah never forgets those things. There are two angels to us who are works for make list to about our sings. If we pray properly on Shab e Barat night and want bits of the help of Allah, he must forget all those sins and forgive us. And this is the way we can get heaven after death.

Actually, Islam is a way to lead a life properly. There is no more option what makes life hard. Just have a simple life with Islam. Having the supreme haven is not too much hard. After few days and night of holy Shab e Barat night, the holy Ramadan comes. And it is the biggest celebration to Muslim Jahan. Wish everyone to have a nice and successful holy life.

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